What Is FIT2FITE™?

FIT2FITE™ is a harmonious marriage of martial art techniques rhythmically synchronised to the finest uplifting dance music to create an energy charged aerobic experience.


What are the benefits of FIT2FITE™?

FIT2FITE™’s blend of fluid combinations, dynamic techniques and progressive muscular strength and endurance component, embraces the fundamentals of physical and mental fitness as well as building strength, stamina and suppleness. The emphasis on technique, tension and intensity improves co-ordination and balance, develops core strength and increases cardiovascular fitness. These benefits are visually evident after a short period of regular attendance and committed, focused application.

Latest News

October 2014 - Autumn News round-up from FIT2FITE™
All the Autumn news from around the country and more!

The FIT2FITE™ Festive Fitness Frenzy 21st December 2014

FIT2FTE™ Courses
Details coming soon!

New Classes
As of October 2014 we have added 5 new classes

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